Is It Ethical To Lie In Research

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“Many people, perhaps a majority, approve of telling lies to employers, co-workers, customers, or clients. Is it ethical to tell lies of this sort? Begin by considering the following situations: (a) a doctor tells a patient he has consulted with a colleague about her condition, though no such consultation occurred;(b) Abusiness executive tells a client that she was tied up in traffic when she really lingered over lunch with friends;(c) a composition teacher tells a student he is making progress in his writing when, in fact, the student is showing no progress”
Ethics are guides of morals that dictates the wrongs and rights of someone. It ensures that one makes the right choices considering the way he is supposed to act in a situation is specified. The ethical behaviours apply to different professions on the way they are supposed to act and if they tend to go against the rules they face different consequences. The above task
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There could be justification when one is lying for example if the lie tends to bring progress in the field. When opportunities present themselves why would someone risk it by being honest and be on the lose end or lie to benefit from the situation (Ruggiero.V.R., 2008). A person may be right from lying to ensure the continued trust from a person. This serves right because lying courageously can grant one best offers in his life, though by doing this one’s personal interest is put first than the one is serving.
When a doctor lies to the patient about his condition that he has consulted with other doctors, this is unethical. when it comes to health issues lying can subject one to harm or even death and therefore openness should be priority so that the client is willing to make decision that thinks best suits him without being forced to make one. By doing this the consequences that a patient might face will not be blamed on the doctor because of the choice the patient
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