Is It Perfect? Not A Perfect Place?

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Nothing is perfect. The World is not a perfect place, and its inhabitants share such imperfection. There is constant unrest and war borne from human emotion: anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, fear, vengeance, despair, honor, lust, and love. This unfortunate yet omnipresent fact spans throughout history, and has been the source of inevitable destruction. Just try to imagine an instance in which the downfall of anyone or anything was not the direct result of emotional indulgence. Personally, I cannot think of one. It appears to me as if human emotion, although a powerful tool of positivity and benevolence, is an equally powerful weapon of destruction and malevolence. Regardless of whom this ultimate truth is applied to, the result is always the same: eventual ruin. Surely, however, I am not the only person to have realized this truth; many others must have shared in my observations. So why can we not learn from our mistakes and stop the use of emotion when we make decisions? The idea of doing so appears relatively simple to accomplish. I can remember back to my childhood when I would always plan out my future. I would think of what things would allow me to achieve my goals, such as: what grades would get me into a good college, what colleges would give me an advantage when applying for graduate school, which professions would give me the most money, and how much money would give me a life of luxury. I always planned my future around how I could optimize my earnings and
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