Is It Worth It?

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Is it worth it? Since the day we were born, we were taught that going to college was something we were expected to achieve. Having a degree is considered, to be a vital success in our culture. But decades later the rising of tuition for higher education has been growing at almost twice the rate, and also for the high unemployment for the recent graduates; so is college a necessity or a luxury? According to Bernie Sander a former Congressman and Senator from Vermont agreed, that there should be access to free college, like the one we already have in our public schools, across the United States, from kindergarten to twelfth grade. It was never like this, but it took a movement and pressure from the progressives, until it was accomplished, in the beginning of the 1890, where it became a reality all across the nation.” By 1940, half of all young people were graduating from high school. As of 2013, that number was 81 percent. But that achievement is no longer enough. A college degree is the new high school diploma (Sander).” Many of us believe that it natural to be in debt, after we graduate college, thinking that there some imaginary job, expecting us with open arms. Let us not, talk about the one who found their dream career, by knowing someone or sheer luck, but the ones who are struggling with the debt, that they cannot pay off and forcing them to still live with their parents, and working dead-end jobs getting payed minimum wage. Knowing that they have a degree

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