Is Julius Caesar Arrogant Or Dangerous

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“The character Julius Caesar is presented as arrogant and dangerous in Act 1 of the play.” Discuss.
Often called the ‘great political thriller’, the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare depicted the political world of ancient Rome. Throughout history, many historians and scholars have argued upon whether Julius Caesar was a man of great military power and political influence or a man trapped in his own personal weaknesses and complications. Of the many topics of debate, the statement that ‘Julius Caesar is presented as arrogant and dangerous in Act 1 of the play’ is not, in the writer’s opinion, a full perspective of him. Although he did illustrate signs of tyranny, Caesar would often betray signs of weaknesses as well.
Shakespeare’s Caesar dominated the play at the very beginning. Through the conversation of Flavius, Murellus and certain commoners, the audience would quickly discover the fact that the citizens
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The first act of the play have illuminated his nobility in many ways. Domestically, he was faithful to his wife, Calpurnia, and respected her advices and opinions. Shakespeare highlighted the importance of Calpurnia to Caesar by designating Caesar’s first word in the play to be “Calpurnia”. Publically, he displayed honour and modesty. When Caesar was offered the crown thrice by his fellow friend, Antony, Caesar “put it by thrice, every time gentler than other.”
Julius Caesar was not a tyrant, not a Roman as brave and respected as other characters such as Brutus, and certainly not entirely presented as dangerous and arrogant in Act 1 of the play. Instead he was a mixture of many characteristics that would later be the cause of much debate among historians and Shakespearian scholars. It was the many aspects, noble and cowardly, of the character of Julius Caesar that Shakespeare manipulated upon to create a play that still satisfies the minds of readers who study it
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