Is Minimum Wage Have On Us?

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One of the most frequently asked questions in our country today, seems to be: “Will I have enough money to live comfortably?” With the ever growing population in America good sustainable jobs are getting harder and harder to find. Many people are settling with low paying, mindless jobs, with no chances of growth, were they are getting paid minimum wage. But, what is minimum wage? Is it a law to help people get more money or it is a law that makes it harder for unskilled workers to find jobs? The real question is; what real effects doesn’t minimum wage have on us? In the mid-20s and 30s factory and mining jobs in America were dreadful places to work at. People working were forced to work long hours for slave wages, never enough to support their families. To help support their families, children very commonly were forced to work, making less than the average America male at the time while doing just as dangerous or more dangerous jobs. On June 25, 1938 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act or the FLSA. When it was first signed it was only meant to cover only one fifth of the jobs in America, the manufacturing, mining, and transportation industries. It set the minimum hourly wage to $0.40 per hour and limited the number of hours’ person can work to 40 hours per week. In addition, it banned the use of child labor in the work place and set the minimum working age to 16 years of age. (Grossman, Jonathan) Today minimum wage has expanded to every job in
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