Is Practice A High Tempo Offense?

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Practice is a very up tempo time for this team as Coach Morris likes to run a high tempo offense, so practice was just that. No body not even the managers could walk during practice. Another responsibility we had as an equipment staff was setting up the locker room before games. We would have to arrive at the facility five hours before kickoff to start this process. We would put out the players game loops, which contained their game day clothes. We would put out there pants and put their jerseys on their pads. After we did that me and one of the assistants would go out to the field and set up the coach communication system for the game. We would check all the coaches’ headsets to make sure that they could hear each other and could talk properly through them. We would check both their A and B channels to make sure they could communicate with their assistants in the booth during the games. This is also and important responsibility that I had and something that I can take to a job at the next level. Not many people have the experience of setting up and knowing how the Coach Comm operates. After we finished with the Coach Comm we usually had an extra hour to set up any remaining things before the players arrived. After the players arrived I would help Matt Davis warm up on the field. Then the team would come out together and I was with the quarterbacks again. Helping them run through their warm ups. After all the position drills were over I had to spot the ball for the team
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