Is Reincarnation A Rebirth?

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For as long as humans have been around, people have been questioned about the meaning of life, but more than that, what happens after life? In the Buddhist perspective, reincarnation is seen as a rebirth. So, Buddhism doesn’t teach reincarnation, Buddhism believes in rebirth. Reincarnation and rebirth can be seen as the same concept, however, reincarnation is the idea of the existence of a spirit separate from the body. When this body dies, the same spirit goes into another body and continue to evolve. Rebirth in the Buddhist conception is not the transmigration of a soul or spirit, but the continuity of a process in which successive lives are connected between each other by means of causes and conditions. This process doesn’t only occur when we die, it’s present in our daily lives because, as humans, we’re in a constant change, every moment of our lives only happens once, and each moment of what is going to happen is determined by our actions of the past. Rebirth is like moments, in order to evolve, we need to pass through some bad moments to accomplish the happy moments. The bad moments have a connection with the happy moments, but they are not identical, however, they are linked. On this paper, my goal is to delve into the topic to understand more about rebirth on the Buddhist perspective. Buddhism incorporated the Hindu belief of rebirth, but adding his own touch for the doctrine. However, most of the vast majority of Buddhists believe in Samsara, Karma, and Nirvana.
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