Is Sex All That Matter?

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In “Is Sex All That MAtter ?” by Joyce Garity, she offers up commentary on today’s teenagers that are being bombarded with unrealistic expectations of their sexual behavior. Many of the unrealistic sexual images shown in television, advertisements, and magazines influence these adolescents behavior and dreams. Several of these advertisers trumpet sexuality making the teenagers expectation for their own sexual life unrealistic and unsafe, due to the fact that they are unaware of the consequences that can occur; For example, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
Should advertisers be morally responsible when advertising, or should the teenage consumer be more vigilant and aware of the unrealistic sexual images used in marketing? Should the government become more involved with regulating content and/or modernizing sex education in our public schools? Adolescents must be more realistic as to what they should expect with the unrealistic lifestyle they are trying to live.
However, it is understable as to why these teenagers are inspired by all the unrealistic sexual images. Who would not want to be a beautiful model with flawless hair and makeup, living a luxurious lifestyle, and also seeing the people in the advertisements not having to worry about the consequences that may occur because of sex. But apparently the people in these advertisements do not have any consequences as to worrying about using condoms or birth control due to the fact that they do not want to

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