Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?

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The human imagination tends to fascinate over the anonymous discoveries and the unseen images of Space. However, we must control our desire to explore Space by putting the financial and the psychological impact ahead of us. The effort and the cost for space exploration is not proportional to the wealth it promises, which in result could become a burden for the American citizens. According to Source E, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have dedicated $5.3 billion to space exploration. As the United States becomes more involved, the funding for this unnecessary idea in space exploration will continue to exceed the $5.3 billion. In order to compensate the money being spent, citizens will have to take the burden by paying higher taxes because the diminutive 0.06 of a federal dollar that was dedicated to space and technology back in 2006 will undoubtedly increase as space exploration becomes a national priority (Source C). Space exploration is a major risk because the ways in which it promises to provide tangible benefits for our society is unclear. All throughout Source A, the author lists the optimistic contributions for space exploration, like provides inspiration for the young generation, but no where in the article does it mention how space exploration will result in developing those outcomes. This is so because nobody exactly knows either, they are just stating secluded conclusions to make space exploration a more desirable idea. Source H further unites

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