Is The Cold War Really Over?

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Danny Le
Mr. Frey
AP US Govt.
15 Nov. 2014
Is the Cold War Really Over? Many Americans have controversies whether the Cold War is over or not. The Cold War era began with ideological battles in the West and East. Political tensions and events are growing in the current conflicts in the Middle East and varied countries. The term “cold war” has rose again as new conflicts emerged from the Cold War era. After the prolong conflict between the West and East, the two sides continued their movement to bring sphere of influence over foreign countries. There are factors that concern upon the political events in foreign nations such as the War on Terror, Russian intervention in Ukraine, and ISIS emergence in Iraq and Syria. The United States declared war on the Al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization who was involved in the 9/11 attacks. The country also listed the leaders of the group to be terminated on their campaign to end terrorism, including Osama bin Laden, founder and head of the Al-Qaeda, who was recently killed in May 2, 2011 during an operation carried out by Navy SEAL Team Six. However, it is realistically impossible to eradicate terrorism due to the widespread of countless recruitments in the Middle East to fight against the United States and its ' allies. In regards to Larry Diamond’s “Winning The New Cold War on Terrorism”, he believed that the United States and the West were the source of this problem because of the corruption in government and that continents, including…

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