Is The Relationship Between Pecola's Ugliness And Self-Loathing

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In The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, the Breedlove family lives in an abandoned store in the small town of Lorain, Ohio. Everyone in the town believes that the Breedloves are ugly, and the Breedloves themselves wallow in self-loathing over their physical appearances. Pecola, the daughter and youngest child of the Breedloves, intensely yearns for blue eyes in the hope that they would make her beautiful, which would consequently make others respect her and treat her well. While the Breedloves’ self-contempt concerning their perceived ugliness originally derives from society, Pecola’s ugliness and ardent desire for beauty is further strengthened by the Breedloves themselves. Specifically, Mrs. Breedlove’s yearning for physical beauty reinforces and strengthens Pecola’s wishes, intensifying the Breedloves’ ugliness and self-loathing. Not only is Pecola’s fantasy to have blue eyes continually reinforced by society, but it is further entrenched by the behavior of her parents as well as her own beliefs. When first introducing the Breedlove family, Morrison clearly shows Pecola’s passionate desires: “Each night, without fail, she prayed for blue eyes. Fervently, for a…show more content…
Furthermore, their self-contempt concerning their physical appearance is continually reinforced by society, most notably through the movies that first induced the yearning for beauty in Mrs. Breedlove. Ultimately, a vicious cycle of self-loathing and misery is established by these societal forces, constantly strengthening Pecola’s desires for blue eyes to the point that it consumes her. When viewing Mrs. Breedlove’s and Pecola’s dreams in parallel, one can see the inevitability of their self-contempt due to the ruthless society that we are all a part of, making us all vulnerable to share a similar
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