Is There A God?

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Is there a God or is he just a myth? The world has been searching for God for ages and philosophers and atheists have debated about this topic. The word God itself is a huge controversy. Is there a God and if He is there why do we still have evil around, where is He? These are the general questions asked by man. On the other side atheists would say that there is no God for the universe evolved by itself and we came into being by accident. But the real question is how can we come into existence by just “itself” for the word itself does not make sense. In order for the universe to begin or have been created someone must have exited in the beginning and thus all the others have existed there after. There is someone with perfection and intelligence for the other natural bodies have acquired that fraction of qualities. I believe that the word God is just not God it’s the supreme power through which all beings have come to pass. Great Philosophers, Thomas Aquinas, David Hume, St. Anselm and Karl Rahner, of their time have given their viewpoints on the existence of God being teleological, oncological and affirmation where St Aquinas has the highest degree of argument on the existence of God and I affirm Aquinas words on the existence of God. My first admission in the existence of God is based on Aquinas’s argument. Aquinas arguments demonstrates the existence of God by stating that there are natural things that lack intelligence and thus do not have a purpose and maybe have the

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