Islam And The United States Essay

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There is not much information on when Muslims first arrived in America, but there has been evidence that some of the slaves were Muslim, but didn’t have the ability to practice their religion freely, they also tried to accommodate their faith with Christianity, but others were converted. It was about twenty percent of the slaves in the US were Muslim. One of the first known Muslims in the United States, was a slave from Morocco, named Estevanico, who was shipwrecked with Spanish Explorers near the where the city Galveston, Texas is. After that there weren’t many Muslims coming into the United States until the twentieth century. This is shown by the evidence that one of the first mosques was built in North Dakota in 1929, and while the mosque was demolished a Muslim cemetery still stands near the spot of that mosque. Islam started in the 7th century with a prophet named Muhammad. It is an Abrahamic religion, like Judaism and Christianity, but Muslims believe that Islam is a step further than the other two religions.
According to a Gallup Poll from 2008, out of the 319751 respondents only 946 identified as Muslim, which is around .29 percent of the respondents. In the Gallup report, they also mention that 35% of Muslim-Americans are African American, 18% are Asian, it is not broken down into whether it is South Asian or East Asian, and 18% is other.
Pew states that in 2014 28% are Black, 28% Asian, and 3% Other, out of a sample size of 232. Also in the Gallup

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