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Islamophobia: Links between terrorism, Muslim and “race hate’’.

By Mbalu Sillah

English 101
Professor Caldwell
16 June 2011

Thesis: Millions of people from different races, nationalities and cultures around the world are united by their widespread Islamic faith.
I. What is Islamaphobia? A. What cause it? B. Where it was use the most? C. Who did it affect the most? 1. Muslims 2. United State 3. Europe II. Terrorism A. September 11, 2001 B. Europe bombing 2005 III. Media A. Effect on Islamaphobia B. Spread of racism IV. Discrimination A. Muslims B. At work C. Home D. Public Places V. Conclusion A. Damage B. Effect in community …show more content…

The CPS stated that at the beginning of 2005 it had dealt with 4,728 cases of “racially aggravated’’ crimes in the past 12 months; More than half of the victims were Asian, with Islam the “actual or perceived’’ religion of those attacked. The criminal attacked and insulted victims of Muslims because Muslims were view as supporters of Osama bin laden or Saddam Hussein. Muslim communities have been targeted in various forms, since the 2001 attacks either because of this or the combination of factors. Moreover, when London was bombed in July 2005, this could only mean an increase in anti-Muslim emotion and an increase in race hate against Muslims nationally. According to the Metropolitan police, religious hate crimes, mostly against Muslims, rose 6-fold in London in the three weeks after the July 2005 bombings. Many of these involve verbal abuse and minor assaults, and damage to mosques and property with a great “emotional impact’’ was also part of the report. This includes assaults, criminal damage or public order offences, and included four murders (BBC News, August 4, 2005). The independent (2 April, 2005) reported the research into the effects of september11 and the invasion of Iraq found “Islamophobic tendencies’’ filtering down into the younger generation, including school children as young as 13. Kundnani has look at the after effects on one Muslim community following the 9/11 attacks;

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