Islam and the Idea of Submission

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Islam as a whole revolves around the concept of submission and Muslims generally regard it as being the religion that teaches submission. The Muslim world has a complex understanding of the idea of submission and it is focused on influencing individuals to devote themselves body and soul to God. Muslims believe that people need to acknowledge God's role throughout history and that they have to submit to His power, as this is apparently the key to being a good Muslim. One does not simply need to express passivity in the face of God, as the respective person needs to understand that he or she submits to a higher power by expressing belief. Abraham is considered to be the first person who submitted to God and individuals are generally inclined to believe that a Muslim needs to act in accordance with the prophet's laws in order to be identified as a true believer. While most people tend to consider the conventional concept of a believer when taking into account the idea of submission, to serve Islam means more than being a simple believer, as "a believer cannot actually be a believer unless he has made a total submission (islam; taslim) in the truths in which he has come to believe" (Turner 16). A person claiming to be a Muslim thus needs to act in accordance with Muslim legislations in order to perform complete submission. Submission is strongly connected with the pillars of Islam and it is believed to play an essential role in maintaining these respective pillars. A person
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