Islam 's Impact On The United States

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Within the past twelve years, Islam has grown to be the second largest religion practiced around the world. Growing up, there weren’t many Muslim people that practiced Islam as there are now. Ten years ago, I would only see about one or two Muslims as I walked down the street, but now I see many more. In Philadelphia, there are more than 200,000 people who are Muslim, and 85% of those people are African-American. In this city when people see African-American Muslims who are garbed up they don’t discriminate against them. To be a Muslim in this society it causes controversy because people are constantly pointing out all of the flaws within them. Since 9/11, people seem to always associate Muslims with terrorists. More importantly, when people hear Muslim terrorists they never assume that they are from any other areas except from the Middle Eastern. Being young and not knowing the real reasoning behind the attacks of 9/11, I had always looked at Muslims as terrorists. To be specific, I thought they were mainly Middle Eastern Muslims. I was oblivious to the fact that there are other types of Muslims because all I have ever saw in the media were those types. It didn’t hit me that I was starting to become a victim of discrimination until I was on the bus and I saw a white male dressed up in a turban thinking that he was going to harm the passengers on the bus. I knew then that I had to alter my opinions about this because I knew that I wouldn’t like it if someone thought I was

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