Islamophobi Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes In The United States

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According to NBC News, following the September 11 attacks in 2001, there were four hundred eighty one reported anti-Muslim hate crimes in the United States, totaling an average of 40 per month. The number of these attacks continues to rise today. Muslims seem to have targets on their backs. The arrow pointed at them is known as Islamophobia, the hatred and prejudice against the religion of Islam.
According to a poll conducted by Cornell University, 46 percent of Americans view Islam as violent. If I were to ask someone what they know about Islam, their answer would more than likely be related to terrorism. Due to the fact that most Americans share this negative perspective of the religion, there is not much being done by non-Muslims to combat Islamophobia. Muslims themselves, however, have taken matters into their own hands. CAIR, the Council on …show more content…

This department tracks sources and incidents of Islamophobia throughout the country, creates files on prominent Islamophobes, and creates factsheets to

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