Islamophobia in Britain

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It is commonly agreed that humanity entered into a new age, which is considered to be the “age of terror”. Undoubtedly, the consequences of the terrorist massacre that took place in the 11th of September in 2001 were significantly extensive. A great number of new forms of determinative legislation has been imposed in order to avoid certain terrorist actions. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that a great amount of these particular measures collide and violate the human rights. The matter is that democratic and liberal values are overwhelmingly threatened in the name of the national security.
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After September 2001, Islamophobia has been increased and expressed in dissimilar ways. Not only British Muslims but Islam believers from all over the world had become a generalized target. Both adults and children were experiencing attacks in physical and verbal forms. In real terms, death threats against Muslims existed. One of the most essential proof is that the ‘Race-Hate’ crime in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has been increased by 72 per cent in September 2001, compared with September 2000. The English government condemned any forms of attacks against Muslims, yet it has to be notified that a great number of the mainstream media were perpetually accusing Muslims of being terrorists, whilst in the same time there were obviously being nourished structures of stereotypes that Muslims were the vital ‘fundamentalists’ of terrorist actions.

Also, it may be deduced that a form of pure discrimination is taking place inside the borders of the community. In order to describe the specific forms of discrimination that appear, it may be utilized the fact that according to the Muslim Council of Great Britain “ The Stop and Search figures released by the Government on July 1st 2004 revealed a staggering 302% increase in the number of Asians

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