Islamophobia In America

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Islamophobia within the United States is an ongoing social issue that negatively impacts the Muslim-American community. Muslim-Americans are forty-eight percent more likely to have experienced discrimination and harassment in the past year compared to Protestants, Catholics, and Jews (“Islamophobia,” n.d.), thus confirming the fact that many non-Muslims within America view followers of Islam as worthy of being labeled as scapegoats and foreigners more than the followers of any other religion deemed harmless to American society. With regards to this social problem rooted in discriminatory profiling, this paper examines how the social conflict, structural functionalist, and symbolic interactionist theories can be used to examine the issue of Islamophobia in America. Referring to Herbert J. Gans’ use of social functionalist theory in his essay titled “Uses of the Underclass in America”, four of the thirteen manifest and latent functions Gans applied to the problem of poverty could also be applied …show more content…

Therefore, public support for the defeat of the common enemy, whether it be terrorists or the Muslim-American community, would also benefit the military-industrial complex greatly, as money would be taken away from domestic programs and instead be prioritized towards war and/or counterterrorism efforts. One flaw in applying social conflict theory to the Islamophobia issue would be that this theory promotes the lack of consensus, problem-solving, and sense of balance within a society, thus emphasizing upon how social groups seemingly resent other groups and fight according to their respective interests. In brief, social conflict theory is a macrosocial theory that can be applied to a phenomenon, and only emphasizes the negative, dramatic, conflict-ridden effects of the phenomenon on different social groups within one

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