Isolation In The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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Have you ever had a friend that you could share all your secrets with? Most people will be able to say yes, accompanied by some vivid memory of a buddy from high school or a special family member. But a better question is: did this person ever betray your trust? In The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, the main character is used as a sort of diary in which the other main characters write all their secrets. John Singer is trustworthy and comfortable to be around for the other four major characters in the novel, so they don’t hesitate to share practically everything with him. The key is that each of the four people who visit him are lacking a certain type of relationship or person in their life, and these different types of isolation affect how they shape Singer in their own minds. Biff, Mick, Jake, and Copeland are comforted with the knowledge that Singer will never betray their trust. In fact, he takes their secrets to the grave. …show more content…

Dictionary definitions commonly define isolation as “the act or instance of isolating (to set or place apart).” But the type of isolation shown in this novel is much more complex than that. There is, of course, physical isolation, but social isolation and emotional isolation exist in the novel as well. Emotional isolation is when someone “keeps their feelings completely to themselves … and is unwilling to communicate with others” (“Isolation”). On the other hand, social isolation is defined as “the voluntary or involuntary absence of having contact with others” (“Definition of Social Isolation”) or “the absence of social relationships”

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