Isoroku Yamamoto's View On War

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Isoroku Yamamoto is known by many as the Japanese Admiral who attacked Pearl Harbor and brought the United States into World War II. However, most don’t know much beyond that. Who was he? What was his aspirations? What was his view on the war? To understand important figures in World War II and the decisions they made we must understand them as people as well. And not just the “Evil” villain history holds them to. Everyone has a beginning, middle, and an end.
Yamamoto was born April 4th 1884 in Nagaoka, Niigata. His birth name was Isoroku Takano. His name later was changed 32 years later to Isoroku Yamamoto as he was adopted by the Yamamoto family in order to carry on their house name. This was a customary samurai tradition.
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However, an error was made. They thought the U.S. or British, hopefully both would seek a ceasefire. However, both rejected such a notion. This stalled Japan’s inertia as they had to develop a plan to force at least one enemy out of the war. Yamamoto put forward plans to finish the American fleet as he perceived it the greatest threat but was turned down. However, on April 18th he got his wish. Tokyo and neighboring areas were hit by the famous Doolittle Raid. This was the proof he needed that America was not a force to ignore. The American aircraft carriers were a serious threat to Japan. Plans for Midway began. The battle of Midway is known as a turning point in World War II. It is also known as the largest defeat to Yamamoto and his forces. This battle lasted from June 4th thru the 7th of 1942. Like Pearl Harbor the Battle of Midway was a delay strategy by Yamamoto. He thought delaying America with a huge loss would give Japan time to build defenses. The battle should have been decisive if it weren’t for one thing. Code breakers had learned of the strategies Yamamoto planned. Though a considerably smaller force, Admiral Nimitz was able to ambush the Japanese forces and help win the battle of

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