Essay on Israel's Surrender of the Gaza Strip Did Not Create Peace

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In 2005, the Israeli government decided to give up the Gaza Strip, including Gush Katif, in an effort to bring peace to the middle east. They did not take into consideration much of the consequences of their actions. The attempt to create peace by giving Gush Katif to the Palestinians not only did not have that effect, but the exact opposite effect, creating more violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians, as well as a lack of trust between the government and some of the Israeli people. Gush Katif is a village in the Middle East that is a part of the Gaza Strip. In 2005, it was given to the Palestinians by the Israeli government. Gush Katif was home to 1,800 religious Jewish families, 8,500 people, from both traditional and …show more content…

Due to its close proximity to Palestinian land, Gush Katif was a constant location for terrorist attacks. The first main attack was by the Gaza palestinians in December of 1987. The residents of Gush Katif did not know how to handle the conflict. Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin said that they will help Gush Katif and prove to the palestinians that they will not win through violence, no matter how long it takes. Another famous bombing in Gush Katif was the November 20th 2000 school bus bombing. At 7:30am, a bomb blew up a school bus carrying children to school. Two children were killed and nine were critically injured. Three siblings had to get amputations. There were also constant attacks to vehicles on Kissufim road, most of which were suicide bombings on children’s busses. Lots of people got hurt. Despite all the terrorism, the residents of Gush Katif were not afraid of living there. They claimed that this land was given to them in the Torah and that all of Israel had their problems so they would not feel safer in the center of Tel-Aviv. In 2004, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced The Disengagement Plan. This plan stated that the residents of Gush Katif and other villages throughout Gaza would be expelled from their homes and their land would be given to the palestinians. The government hoped that this would reduce fighting between the

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