Issac Asimov Accomplishments

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Introduction Paragraph When people think of the saddest aspect of life they usually think of war, hate, even death but Isaac Asimov thinks “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”-Isaac Asimov from “Brainy Quote”. Isaac Asimov was a great man with a mind who believed that if society does not advance with technology it would be technology that wipes out society. First of all most children learned how to write while young Isaac Asimov learned on his own. In addition Isaac Asimov made many worthwhile accomplishments to the scientific community. Finally when people think of what they want usually fame, money, and power come to mind but Issac Asimov wanted to spread and gain knowledge. …show more content…

The accomplishment of the three laws of robotics are being enacted in creating robots and limiting their A.I. (Artificial intelligence).In addition, according to the article “Issac Asimov” “Nothing trumps over his first award of Demon Knight Memorial Grand Master award in 1987.” Due to this prestige accomplishment it caused Issac to quit his job to focus on his novel. This caused people to buy multiple copies of Isaac’s master pieces to spark new conversations and expand Isaac’s following. Upon the multiple award these two are his most important and …show more content…

For example, according to the article “Issac Asimov”, “His wish come to fruition, with the world continuing to contemplate his history scientific legacies.” This is important as he wanted to expand his work to get better and improve them. This criticism brought his work to relevancy and was the bases for the movies “I, Robot”. In addition, experts claim “Over the following decade, Asimov’s wife, Janet Jeppson Asimov, condensed her husband’s biographies numbering some two thousand pages in to a single 300-page title “It’s been a good life.” This influenced society by giving an excuse and a farewell to his readers. This books importance is immense as it is his last book. Issac Asimov wanted to spend his life to be memorialized and when he died he wanted his book

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