Issues and Traditions of Western Religions Essay

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam REL/134 February 14, 2011 William F. Stapleton Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Every person has his or her own set of beliefs and traditions in which they have been raised by or simply believe in. Whether it is Judaism, Christianity, or Muslim, all individuals have the freedom to practice and express what they believe in. Gaining knowledge of other religions can provide a better understanding of current issues that concerns them as well as their beliefs and characteristics, and most important specific traditions that define each religion. No matter if it is Judaism, Christianity or Muslim, taking a closer look at their beliefs can help understand their faith and culture. …show more content…

Although they place more emphasis on good deeds rather than on faith, there prayers and songs are an important part of their practice. The Torah, which is also known as the five books of Moses, has a special significance to Jews as well as for Israel (Jewish Globe, 2009). In Judaism, the Torah is used as a set of laws, and is considered one of the most sacred writings. The Torah is a division of five books, the book of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and the book of Deuteronomy. Jews live by the Torah and use it as a way of guidance from restrictions and commands. Jewish, believe that Moses wrote the Torah through a process of divine inspiration (Jewish Globe, 2009). The Torah plays an important role in Judaism as well as in the culture of Israel. Christianity The Holy Bible is the main book in which most Christians live by. Although there are many different versions of the Holy Scriptures, as Christians call it, they all live by this book and by its laws. Christians believe in the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. They Believe God died for there sins and most important that he resurrected. Christians believe in new birth and as a sign of repent of all sins and new birth, they use water as a significance of purification, this is seen in what is called Baptisms. Every Christian must receive baptism some time during there life span. Because they believe only those, who are born in water and in spirit will enter the kingdom of God. Most Christians use the

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