It All Started On A Bus

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It all started on a bus. “People always say that I didn 't give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn 't true...No, the only tired i was, was tired of giving in.” The women that made this statement was a bold african american woman who couldn 't accept the mistreatment of her race and she decided to do something about it. Rosa Parks. She was a quiet, reserved woman who had no idea she would become a civil rights icon one day. Through the unfairness of her situation protest, public support, and boycotts, Rosa Parks has become the mother of the civil rights changing segregation laws and making an impact that would last forever. Parks left this lasting impact in a number of ways including standing up to authority, organizing various groups and causing certain laws to be passed. Rosa was a seamstress at a local factory in Montgomery, Alabama and used the bus every day as transportation to and from work. The Montgomery City Code required that all public transportation be segregated and the driver of the bus was to enforce this law. They done so by assigning blacks seats in the back and whites seats in the front. If the law was broken you were arrested. “Every person operating a bus line in the city shall provide equal, but separate, accommodations for white people and negroes on his buses, by requiring the employees in charge thereof to assign passengers seats on the vehicles under their charge in such a manner as to separate the white people from the negroes, where

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