It Can Be Complicated To Condense A Generation Into A Neat

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It can be complicated to condense a generation into a neat package; generations do not have obvious beginnings and endings, nor do individual cohort members possess universal characteristics. Nevertheless, diverse and distributed as they may be, Boomers are bound together by a compelling sense of their generational reference group (Green, 2010). The boomers however, will be the focus of this section; however the items principals identified in this section can be applied to every generation. How does one generation go from being pot smoking hippies to business owns, political leaders, and mentors for today’s youth? The simple answer is reinvention. To start, what is reinvention? Reinvention is not a get-rich-quick or…show more content…
As they have moved from each stage they have had to reinvent their generation. Consider for a moment if a pot-head walked up and offered advice. Would anyone listen to that advice? Not likely. So in order to advance, the generation as a whole had to change its outward appearance, its values, and its approaches, basically recreating itself in order to progress. Not everything was left behind, the old days of smoking pot are starting to be seen again, and who do you suppose are responsible for passing the laws to make smoke pot legal? Every generation must make changes. Most of the life stages can be made given some time, however some will require the generation to reinvent itself. What reinvention will be required of Generation X and the Millennials? Only time will tell for sure. Currently this generation is forming the next generation. As of now not much is known about this new, unnamed generation (Beekman, 2011). However, based off the previous cycles, is it possible to predict what the next generation might be like? Well thanks to technological improvements and the demand for instant gratification it is likely to see short attention spans and the integration of technology and media in learning (webinars, social networking sites, Avatars) along with personalized learning through customized environment. With the Millennials growing up in a generation were everyone won a medal might have an effect on how they raise their children.

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