It Goes Largely Undiscussed That The Declaration Of Independence

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It goes largely undiscussed that the Declaration of Independence we all celebrate on the fourth of July is an edited, abridged version. Americans tend to hold the documents written by our forefathers as “sacred text” debating on the correct interpretation of the Continental Congress’s meaning (Pencak, 1). Often these everyday men leave the debate at that whereas scholars delve below the surface to see the document in the original form and follow the evolution into the modern legacy. The Declaration of Independence is often quoted, memorized and cited as one of the most important documents in North America yet, very seldom comprehended in context of the time. Scholars know that meaning lies beneath the face value of the written words and …show more content…

This struck fear into the hearts of many, due to the likely probability of the occurrence. Congress, in a maneuver to appease both sides struck the bulk of the paragraph because some of the southern states, like Georgia and South Carolina, possessed slave driven economies, and would not agree to sign because they agreed with the institution, or at least the lifestyle slavery enabled. Jefferson later wrote a letter to a close friend about having what he felt the issues were watered down in the context of his document, claiming he did so for the greater good of the movement and not because he wanted to alter his text. “Domestic insurrections” was a politically cultured way of admitting to the enslavement of a people, which was a source of contention. Essentially, majority agreed that the Native Americans were “merciless Indian savages” due to different points of view and the lack of ability to control them; whereas the slaves where subdued and a threat always hanging just under the surface, particularly when individuals put ideas into their heads. Political leaders look back and call slavery a great stain on our nation’s history, saying it is a shameful practice, and when written in the subtext the issue could be addressed without having

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