It Has Become Apparent That Throughout History Societies

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It has become apparent that throughout history societies have formed as a means of improving efficiency and quality of life. In that pursuit, ideology has become the main topic of discussion. The long lasting argument of which societal structure and set of societal norms will reap the most benefits continues today, specifically in the United States. However, it has not been until recently that Marxists methods of analysis have become a significant source of discussion within the country. As the exploration into Marxist ideology continues, it becomes apparent that the concepts themselves also become more and more normalized within American culture. The idea of Marxism has become widely accepted; enough so as to make it into mainstream …show more content…

As displayed in the show, without these factors the fate of, not only the individual but, the group is at stake. In this zombie-infested world, the zombies themselves can be seen as a metaphor for the Marxist criticism of capitalism. In a similar manner to that of which capitalism seeks profit for individual’s own sake, these zombies desperately pursue and starve for human flesh. The events that occur in The Walking Dead can help illustrate the principles that Karl Marx and Marxism founded at the time. Much like it is for the characters in the show, Marxism’s ultimate priority is simply to survive. However, much like the disease infesting the city of Atlanta, capitalism withholds a desire to expand. It bases itself on risk, causing unnecessary obstacles for people to reach their end goal, which should be to sustain themselves.
A major point made by Karl Marx seemed to be the abandonment of private property. For Rick’s surviving group the implementation of this concept is a must. In their zombie-filled world it is important that the survivors keep on the move and detach themselves from any useless items. The group never settles, always residing in temporary homes like farmhouses, camps, shops, and prisons; knowing that claiming private property could be a liability or futile.
Within the Communist Manifesto, Marx also encourages the abandonment of the family

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