It Is Never Too Late To Quit Smoking. Smoking Is A Habit

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It is never too late to quit smoking. Smoking is a habit that many Americans have even into their old age. However, smoking is not a healthy habit it effects your brain, heart, lungs and throat, it can cause cancer, as well as COPD. Not only does smoking lead to chronic diseases, but has many effects on the aging process. In older adults, they see a lower quality of life due to a lifelong of smoking. Although smoking in old age has become less popular, the generation of baby boomers is going to change that statistic and will need services for cessation. It is never too late to quit; the benefits of quitting are almost instant. Smoking has adverse effects no matter how old you are, but in old age it makes the normal aging process much…show more content…
Although the effects smoking has on a person’s appearance is not a typical health concern, it is an easy way to see the effects smoking can have on the body. Smoking brings many concerns no matter a person’s age. However, for the population of older adults that chooses to smoke, there are more immediate concerns with their health. For many older adults, aging brings with it disease, cognitive loss, and many other issues, but smoking only speed up the symptoms and often makes them worse. Smoking can influence older adult’s medications; it can complicate a previously diagnosed illness; and smoking can add more health issues on top of already diagnosed diseases. Smoking brings concerns for elderly smokers because it is dangerous to their health, especially for those that have preexisting health conditions like, cancer, cardiovascular disease and others (Center). Smoking in old age will only make disease treatments less effective and unlikely to cure. Although there has been an increased smoking cessation among the elderly, with the baby boomer population aging there is likely to be an increased need for it. The elderly population commonly experiences trouble swallowing food, as well as experience insomnia, and the older adults will find that smoking will only make these preexisting complications harder. Not only are the effects of smoking a concern, but the other

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