It Was A Cold Fall Sunday Morning

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It was a cold fall Saturday morning. I saw that I was almost late for the mall. Debra and I are supposed to have a girls day out. So, I call her. “Hey are you ready to go to the mall?” I ask trying to sound like I was up for hours. “Ya I’ve been waiting for you to call me!” She said. “I’ll be there in 10!” I said. Then I hung up as fast as I could so she didn’t have the chance to ask any questions like, Why did it take so long for you to call me? I ran down stairs my mom was at the table with a blanket over her head while drinking a hot cup of coffee. “Bye mom I’ll be back later. I’m going to the with Debra. Love you bye.” I said happily. “Okay love you too and call me when you 're on your way home okay.” She said tiredly.
“Okay” I said in a rush. Than slammed the door behind me.
As soon as I got there I honked the horn three times then look down at my phone to text her than I look up and she was just walking out. She was wearing a turquoise blouse and black skinny jeans, clean long straight brunette hair, she is also skinny and tiny like a foot shorter than me.
“Hey girl. You excited to go to the mall?” She said in a high pitched voice.
“Duh I’ve been waiting for today for I don’t know how long.” I said in a annoyed but obvious way.
“Okay let’s go.” She said like a hero would.
I started my blue Slug-Bug, It runs like a boss just saying.
“ You ready to shop at Claire’s?” I asked excitedly.
She didn’t say anything just opened the door and walked in the mall.

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