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Project Documentation [pic] Project Name: Creating a functional Web Site Student’s Name: Unknown TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 PROJECT DEFINITION 4 2 PROJECT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4 3 PROJECT OVERVIEW 5 4 PROJECT SCOPE 5 4.1 Goals and Objectives 5 4.2 Project Deliverables 5 4.3 Deliverables Out of Scope 6 4.4 Project Estimated Costs & Duration 6 4.5 Project Gantt Chart 6 5 PROJECT CONDITIONS 8 5.1 Project Assumptions 8 5.2 Project Risks 8 5.3 Project Constraints 8 6 Project Structure Approach 9 7 Project Team Organization Plans 9 8 Communication Plan 9 8.1 Risks and issues management 9 8.1.1 Potential exceptions and problems 9 8.1.2 Appropriate…show more content…
There are many impacts that the constraints will have on the progress of the project. For scope, there may be a requirement to hire a programmer that has experience in the database systems that Cyber Solutions currently has. The budget for this project may increase due to a possibility of staff needing to be paid overtime, deadlines extended, or the possibility that software and equipment will need to be purchases to complete the project. [pic] PROJECT OVERVIEW Our company chose to bid on this project for many reasons. The first reason is that over the last year we have opened five new satellite locations that have taken off faster than previous openings, which has given our company momentum to take on new larger tasks that are within our field of operation. The second reason is that we have enough resources to be able to provide future maintenance of the site and its functions. Third, the purpose of this project also will determine if we increase the team size of our development teams to allow for multiple large tasks. If in fact management finds that this project was completed with exceptional quality within reasonable time and budget limitations, then the stock share percentage will increase and a bonus will be given. Taking on difficult tasks challenge us individually to show our true strengths and grow with experience. Knowing our limitations will also determine what resources need to be increased to avoid making the same mistakes in the

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