Narrative Essay Frankenstein

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It’s the tale as old as time, the monster that lurks within the shadows under the bed, or withering in the corner of the closet. The child tremors until the parent checks the entire room, vanishing all doubts of safety. As a child, I shared these fears, but as I outgrew these demons I learned that the real angst was always hiding within my self; the fear of the unknown. It’s uncontrollable, and only discovered once time has revealed its destiny. It goes beyond the standard questions of why or what. The anxiety that fell upon me was so overwhelming it disturbed my everyday; making the future my personal villain.
The future is always impending, yet we always have the ability to change how we intercept it. Nonetheless, the severity of my …show more content…

Hours later and the rescuers managed to gather those who survived and injured. The wife who managed to escape with a few scrapes and bruises, now awaits to hear whether or not her husband will make it to tomorrow. The future holds all the answers, yet nobody can directly confront it. It’s there but it’s not a physical object, it is not something that can be defeated, only envisioned. As she sits there, waiting for the unknown to become transparent to the doctors working on this man, she sees the future she once dreamed about slowly slithering through her fingers. The things she once imagined, have already been changed forever. The unknown now holds all the power, will he survive or will all the plans they made perish forever? Not only does this circumstance harness the potential to destroy all the ideas they once shared, but it has the ability to virtually destroy this woman’s view on life in general. She must now search for all her hope, faith, and patience, as she awaits on the imminent news. On the contrary, the future isn’t the only villain in the picture, his sidekick, Unknown, comes in to assist as well; because no matter what happens in the future, it is unknown whether or not there will be repeat occurrence for this couple. What is she to do when the monster that fears the most is apart of her journey. The antihero flees unscathed, already embarking

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