Itc 520 : Foundations Of Computer Security

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ITC 520 - Foundations of Computer Security

Project Phase-3

Chinthakuntla Laxmi Anvitha
Bala Tripura Sundari Kaza Venkata


Project Phase-1

1. Find a team member
Anvitha Reddy, Sundari Kaza
2. Come up with one of the recent attacks
RSA Phishing Attack (Zero-Day Exploit), Parent company – EMC
3. Identify the following:
a. Which year did the attack happen? On March 17, 2011 RSA revealed an attack on its two factor authentication products, where the attacker tried to send phishing emails and tried to reclaim the confidential or sensitive information from the parent company EMC.
b. At least one organization(s) that was a victim EMC
c. Vulnerability that caused the attack Vulnerability that caused the attack: A zero-day exploit aiming a vulnerability in Adobe Flash in order to trickle another malicious file which is a backdoor onto the receiver’s desktop computer. By doing so, this gave the attackers a foothold to excavate further into the network and obtain the access that they required.
d. Threat that led to the attack Here in this attack, the attacker attempted to send two targeted phishing emails to four employees at its parent company EMC. The e-mails which were sent included a malicious attachment which was been recognized in the subject line as “2011 Recruitment plan.xls.” The attacker in this case tried to establish a customized unapproachable administration tool which is known

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