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It’s Always Sunny Demonstrates Evolutionary Theories

All behavioral human traits are reflective of interactions between genes the environment which is described through the study of evolution and human behavior. One example of this is how a person’s adult height is shaped by their inherited genes, and also the nutrition they received as a child. The show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia demonstrates how humans interact with, and are affected by their environment.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s fifth episode called “Gun Fever” was featured during the shows first season. Paddy’s Pub experienced a breaking and entering and get their safe stolen. The police are not very helpful in the matter of finding the culprit, so the friends
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Charlie says he will get it to him the next day even though he has no idea how he will come up with the rent money.
All of the men start to get what is described as “gun fever” where they feel powerful when holding the gun, including Charlie. When his landlord comes back to collect the money Charlie places the gun in his pants so the landlord could see it and be intimidated. This works and Charlie is not bothered by him any longer.
Dee’s new boyfriend admits his attraction to a girl that knows how to shoot a gun. As demonstrated in a scene during the episode, Dee wants to kiss him and he would rather her focus on shooting the target. The psychology of human mate preferences plays a role in this episode in reference to the relationship between Dee and her new boyfriend. Males have a desire to mate with a woman that is in good health and expected to live long. When Dee’s boyfriend shows he is more attracted to her when she is shooting the gun, his instincts are shining through. Evolution has taught him to desire a woman who possesses survival instincts and will live a long life.
Another important factor in why Dee and her boyfriend were attracted to each other is their ability to get along. Since it is common for men and women to have children and be dependent on their parents for a long time, both parents must be able to get along so they can provide food and shelter to their children. Since this relationship lasts for years, adaptive thinking has

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