Genetic Determinism of Human Character Essay

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Human character and behaviour are not only shaped by the genes that encompass the individual’s genotype. Human character comprising mainly of personality, sexuality, morality and intelligence are the products of genetic determinism as well as external environmental factors. “Single genes can have surprisingly strong influences on particular aspects of behaviour.” (Frank., 2009)

Genes build the phenotype of humans as well as the underlying genotype. Competition between cultural genes leads to varied success of genetic determinism. It can therefore be said that learnt traits such as those espoused within a specific culture, can produce what may seem to be the genetic genotype of an individual. Genes are not always advantageous in the …show more content…

This being said, there is not a specific gene for a specific trait. Traits are inherited although without the environmental influence they are not expressed in an individual’s phenotype.

Contrariwise, you can find genes under a microscope. They exist in nature. The same cannot be said of either "personality" or "intelligence." Behaviour, therefore, depends on the interaction of multiple gene sequences with environmental influences. It has been found that 30-70% of one’s personality traits are genetic and the rest are environmental. (Gil, 2010) Genes are found in the DNA of a human and genes are expressed through phenotypes (The set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment (Google, 2014)). Each person has a human genome sequence and the gene segments within ones genome have certain effects on the body. Gene segments contain hereditary information and therefore certain genes can be and associated with particular behavioural traits.

Genes and the environment influence behaviour, as there is constantly an interaction between the two. Genes, via their influences on morphology and physiology, create a framework within which the environment acts to shape the behaviour of an individual. The environment can affect morphological and physiological development; therefore behaviour develops as a result of ones interactions with the environment. Genes create the scaffold for

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