It's Time for Uniforms in American Schools Essay

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It's Time for Uniforms in American Schools
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School uniforms have been debated in the public school system for what seem like fifty years. Understand the constructive views that most administrations envision, you start to recognize the goals associated with having students wear them; however, there is a flip side. The unenthusiastic views that are associated with school uniforms present an equally intriguing question. Should schools incorporate them into the curriculum or not? Who opposes it and why it may be used to insure our children’s future. All views will be presented for you to make the decision.

Why is this an issue? Well it seems that clothes have become the status maker and not grades, attendance and …show more content…

Most teachers do not approach teaching using a laissez faire philosophy. Nor should they approach it from the opposite end of the spectrum by utilizing an authoritarian approach; however, sometimes the need may arise (LOL). No most teachers use authoritative and serve as facilitators to students. Behavior problems among students can arise and become problematic in all three teaching styles, so the question of how to deal with it presents itself. According to Padgett (2001) a questionnaire was presented to teachers at a Georgia school that contained various questions regarding school uniforms being used to assist with behavior problems (p129). The make-up of the questionnaire asked teachers to provide an answer of agree, neutral or disagree and as indicated by Padgett (2001) “an overwhelming eighty seven percent agreed that it would have an impact” (p131). So teachers that teach in that area of the United States declared it has helped improve students with behavior. Three schools in California implemented the uniform policy for the period of one year. Results were successful also. The schools surveyed the data over the course of that year analyzing various areas ranging from student grades to discipline. Shimizu (2000) states that grades increased and discipline issues such as fights and suspensions decreased (p 2138). It was also stated in the article by Shimizu “students felt

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