Ixchel's Eschatological Preferences

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Over the past five years a fellow coworker of mine, Ixchel, has been studying the culture of the Aciremanians following her retirement from the University of Polka Dot. Due to the completion of Ixchel’s study, I have decided to host a nice going away dinner at my house this evening since she will be returning to her home planet, Setarip, in the next few days. I decided to invite a few acquaintances who highly respect Ixchel and her work to give them the chance to hear Ixchel’s insights about her eschatological predictions.
As Freddie, the air conditioning mechanic, works on fixing the cooling system, my guest of honor, Ixchel, who is a fifty-four-year-old, five-foot-eight-inch-tall, slender woman, with peppered raven-black hair is the first
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During the excitement, Henry, a twenty-one-year-old literature major snuck into the living room and sat on the opposite couch to begin writing in his journal. He is wearing navy trousers and a white dress shirt with brown dress shoes and his brown curls are laying as nicely as they can with one falling onto his forehead as he writes in his journal. Starhawk, a young witch whose specialty is herbal medicine sits next to Henry on the couch and watches his hand as he writes. She is wearing a black dress that shapes her body perfectly and falls just above the knees. Her long blonde hair has been slicked back into a ponytail and her gold heels shine in the evening sun sending a glare around the room as she swings her crossed…show more content…
Don, a twenty-four-year-old science fiction expert and author, has the room laughing almost as soon as he walks in. He leans against the wall cracking jokes and attempting to flirt with the single women of the group, dressed in brown trousers with a pale blue dress shirt and brown shoes, while Eden goes directly to the kitchen to make sure the food is coming smoothly. Eden, a twenty-three-year-old nutrition and dietetics major, walks in looking fabulous in her white thigh-length sleeveless shift dress with royal blue retro print and tan heels. Her long brown hair is up in a messy bun with her bangs pinned back with a baby pink

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