J.P.D Dunbabin and the Cold War Coverage

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J.P.D. Dunbabin was one of the first historians ever to attempt a coverage of the entire Cold War. This time period was extremely dangerous in human history for this is when the United States and the Soviet Union came dangerously close to obliterating each other. In the end, however, they walked away from any open conflict. Due to both powers being in possession of Nuclear weapons, any thought of normal war was unthinkable, and there was certainly no need for repetition of the World Wars in 1914 and 1939. After 1945, most politicians had an extremely strong reason for wanting to avoid war seeing that the fate of their country depended on it. Also, in the end, it would prove that the cost of waging the cold war was an economic hit for all major countries involved. It almost completely destroyed the Soviet Union and it seriously injured the American economy. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and West Germany ended up seeing great economic benefits that had little or nothing to do with the Cold War, except for the Korean War which aided in Japan’s future economic miracle, just as Korea helped Britain’s unstable recovery after 1950. These two volumes by Dunbabin are a part of a larger series that is titled “The postwar world”, which is edited by A. J. Nicholls and Martin Alex and explores many different post-1945 issues. Dunbabin's history of relations between nations since 1945 has been a setup for the rest of the series because it talks about almost every problem, at least in

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