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After talks with her husband, sons, minister, and local doctors; Janet Adkins decided she didn¹t want to undergo the sustained mental deterioration that Alzheimer¹s Disease caused (Uhlman 111). She began to realize she had the disease when she started forgetting songs and failed to recognize notes as she played the piano (Filene 188). ³She read in Newsweek about Dr. Jack Kevorkian and his ŒMercitron¹ machine, then saw him on the ŒDonahue¹ Television show² (Filene 188). With her husband¹s consent but objections by sons and doctors, she telephoned him to arrange to kill herself (Filene 188). She still had a life expectancy of at least ten years with the illness, but she wished to die. She wanted to die before the disease robbed her of her …show more content…
He had an abiding interest in helping people die painlessly. He was the perfect person to carry out Janet¹s wishes (Larson 229).

	Dr. Kevorkian and Janet Adkins then met to discuss their intentions and eventually carry out the suicide (Hendin, ³Seduced by Death² 134). Kevorkian and his two sisters, Margo and Flora, met with Ron, Janet, and Janet¹s closest friend Carroll Rehmke in their motel room on June 2, 1990 (Wolfson 56). ³He had already prepared authorization forms signifying Janet¹s intent, determination, and freedom of choice, which she readily agreed to sign² (Wolfson 56).

		While she was resolute in her decision, and absolutely mentally competent, her 			impaired memory was apparent when she needed her husband¹s assistance in 			forming the cursive letter ³A.² She could print the letter but not write it, and the 			consent forms required that her signature be written. So her husband showed her 			on another piece of paper how to form the cursive letter ³A,² and Janet complied 			(Wolfson 56).

He then asked her questions from behind a camera in a pre-death consultation. She frequently had to turn to Ron for help with the answers (Betzold 22).

		He asked her, ³What are you asking for? Can you put it in plain words?²

		³I don't know,² Janet
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