Essay on Jack and Simon in Chapter Three of the Lord of the Flies

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Jack and Simon in Chapter Three of the Lord of the Flies In the Lord of the Flies, William Golding makes many contrasts between his symbolic characters. For example in chapter three, 'Huts on the beach', many contrasts and similarities are made between the two characters Jack and Simon. These descriptions give an idea to their personality and feelings. The description of Simon in the jungle, and Jack in the woods highlights many of their differences. Jack is alone and descriptions like, 'with flared nostrils', and 'ape- like' suggest he is behaving like an animal. Jack's appearance is also starting to resemble animals, as his hair has grown, 'longer', and his skin darker with, 'a mess of dark freckles'. Simon's appearance is…show more content…
This clearly shows an unusual ability Simon has, and resembles a Jesus figure, the descriptions, in contrast to the wood Jack is in, seem surreal, and tranquil. Jack in the wood is set with, 'a sharpened stick about five feet long', reflecting a threatening, tense atmosphere. Simon is with the littuns and he is shown to be generous and caring, as he, 'found for them the fruit they could not reach, pulled of the choicest'. This is an example of the effort Simon took to be caring for others. This is also shown by Simon's willingness to help with the building of the huts, when all the others ran away, leaving the responsibility to Ralph. This shows he is considerate to others. Jack, however is extremely unwilling to help with the huts, and is annoyed when Ralph gives Simon gratitude for helping, as when Simon is not by the huts Jack tries to make up excuses like, 'got fed up', and, 'he's buzzed off', trying to make Simon in the wrong. Jack is obsessed about catching a pig and seems to want to catch one for the enjoyment, rather than the food it would give. Jacks obsession is shown after Ralph has been expressing how upset he is that no one helps with the hut, when he bluntly comments, 'we need meat' and when Ralph mentions rescue, Jack says, 'I'd like to catch a pig first' and is not prepared to keep the fire going for rescue purposes. These are examples of how desperate Jack wants to catch the pig, and how he
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