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Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson and integration are two phrases that cannot be segregated. Whether he liked it or not, he played the star role in the integration of society during the time that he played Major League Baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers. His heroic journey that landed him in the Majors shows, “how integration has come to baseball and how it can be achieved in every corner of the land'; (Robinson 16). But this amazing triumph over the Jim Crow laws could only have been possible in New York as Robinson says, “Cooperstown, New York, and Birmingham, Alabama, are both in the Unites States. In Cooperstown I had been the guest of honor in the company of three other new Hall of
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The Dodgers got their name from the electric streetcars in Brooklyn that were so dangerous that people had to be skilled “dodgers'; of them in order not to get run over. Why was Brooklyn the place that integration could occur? After World War Two, Brooklyn had transformed from a white-middle class population to a mix of blacks, Latinos and Jews. “About half of Brooklyn’s population was Jewish; among the Dodger faithful, Jews were probably far more ready than any other major group, such as the Irish or the Italians, to identify with the fight against the Jim Crow embodied by Robinson'; (Rampersad 220-221). Obviously, the Jews related to the blacks’ plight against society’s belittlement of them and the similar discriminations they both faced. Many of the Robinson’s friends were Jewish, perhaps because “the Robinsons found Jews far more ready than other whites to accept them socially'; (Rampersad 221). Jackie Robinson was able to live successfully in Brooklyn, and not only because he was a great athletic superstar but because he had many friends and supporters that didn’t consider him an outsider. They let him live amongst them, supported him, and befriended him and his family. Rachel Robinson (Jackie’s wife) sums it up by saying that, “We didn’t think of them as Jewish, unless we were dealing with a specific organization. They were simply
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