Jacob Is A High School Football Player Who Had A Chance At A College Scholarship

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Jacob is a high school football player who had a chance at a college scholarship when he graduated. During practice at the end of the summer, Jacob injured his leg and required surgery to repair the damages. His orthopedic surgeon, Dr. M. performed the necessary surgery on Jacob. The post-surgery care required that Jacob wear a cast for six weeks and have weekly visits with Dr. M to monitor his progress. On the sixth week visit with Dr. M, Jacob’s cast was removed and the scar examined. During this last visit, Dr. M made some mistakes which may have played a crucial role in Jacob acquiring an infection, or, in the least, contributed to negligence. After removing Jacob’s cast, Dr. M did not complete his examination of Jacob’s leg before he left the room to exam another patient, Sarah, in the room across the hall. Upon entering the room, he did not close the door. The most obvious mistake the doctor did was not washing his hands after his examination of Sarah, who has osteomyelitis, after which he returned to the first exam room to continue his examination of Jacob’s leg. Hand washing plays a major role in preventing cross-contamination when caring for patients. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2014), washing hands is an extremely important way to prevent the spread of infection from patient to patient or patient to health care professional. It is essential that all health care providers practice hand hygiene even if gloves are worn. There

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