Jail Cells Are Formally The New Classrooms

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Xiaolin Mai Mr. Waterman English 21 September 2015 Jail Cells are Officially the New Classrooms After the sound of a gunshot, a desperate scream, the juveniles that were children yesterday instantly become killers, murderers, and criminals. In America, juveniles who commit adult crimes are tried every day in juvenile courts, where the juveniles are leniently given shortened sentences, and fail to learn from their mistakes. The criminals turn into our next door neighbors, our friends, and live their lives in harmony, leaving the victims and the victims’ families to suffer in pain and sorrow. Young people who commit violent crimes should be sentenced as adults because of the heinous crimes they committed, the unfairness to the victim’s family, and their potential danger to the society once they return. Initially, young people who commit violent crimes should be sentenced as adults. The question here is fairly simple: when a child kills, can this very same child, at the same time, be considered as an adult for his/her own action? Children in modern society are more sophisticated at a younger age, encouraged by their parents and teachers to work as functional adults. At a very young age, children have learned to make decisions on their own. The idea of childhood, a time which the adults or guardians prepare the children for maturity, ended rather rapidly in cases of juvenile criminals. By way of example, Jordan Brown at age 11 was arrested in
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