Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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In the essay “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid there are references to many social problems that were prevalent earlier in society that still apply to today’s society. In this essay the author is giving advice to her teenage daughter where she teachers her the “proper” etiquette and what was expected of a woman in her view. In this story the author Kincaid seems to be the mother and the teenage daughter is probably her daughter, in a different way of viewing she may be the daughter herself reflecting on the past, but it’s not very relevant to the meaning of the literature. In this essay I will explain how the way women are viewed in today’s society have changed, as well as what remains of the past that has yet to be overcome. I will also try and analyze and give my theory as to why Kincaid decided to write her story the way she did.
The main cultural issue this story focuses on is women’s right and how they’re viewed in society. Earlier in society as well as in third world countries women play a more home wife lifestyle which …show more content…

It’s just one task after the other, again and again with a lot of repetition. “Wash the white clothes on Monday and put them on the stone heap; wash the color clothes on Tuesday and put them on the clothesline to dry; don’t walk bare-head in the hot sun;” (line 1) this way of writing is very demanding, and feels like you have no freedom at all. With this style the author is trying to put you in the daughter’s shoes, to make you feel like you’re being lectured and that you have no freedom and can only do what she says. She also uses the word “slut” frequently, which I’m no so sure how I feel about. Again it feels when she uses the word out of the blue that you’re just being lectured, and that even though you haven’t done anything wrong you’ve already been labeled a slut. By wording it the way she did it may persuade the reader to realize that this way of life for the teenager has no

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