James Cameron Essay

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If you are interested in movies, I think you heard about James Cameron at least once. He is one of the successful directors in the world, and without his amazing work, the movie industries will not go this far. James Cameron is a Canadian movie director, and filmmaker and his famous movies are ‘Terminator’ series and the ‘Avatar’ series. His full names are James Francis Cameron, but he goes for James Cameron. He is currently 63 years old, and born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, on August 16, 1954(“Who is James Cameron?”). He won 3 Oscars for his movie, ‘Titanic’. He won 66 more, and have 61 nominations. He has 24 credits as a director, 38 credits for a producer, and 33 credits for a writer (“Awards”). As a child, he loved science …show more content…

In 2005, he returned to making science fiction film, and he said it’s going to be one of his best movie (Keegan). Finally, in 2009, he announced ‘Avatar’. It took 15 years to release the film, and t took 4 years to make the film, and the reason that it took so long os because of computer graphics. Most of the screen is contained computer effects, and to make it perfect, it eventually took 4 years. Many people were waiting for the film to come out just as ‘Titanic’, and when it came out in the theaters, it invaded all the theaters. Almost every time was available for Avatars, but other films could not have a right time to fit in. The 3D technology and effects were stunning, making an incredible in-theater experience, and became a must-see in theaters. Many people were waiting for a DVD release when a movie comes out, but for ‘Avatar’, it’s different. By its incredible effects, and the details of the imaginary world, people were fascinated, and keep seeing in theaters. The film made a big evolution for movie industries, and it’s the starting point of 3D movies. ‘Avatar’ is not the first 3D movie ever made, but by being very successful, 3D movies became popular. The film won 87 awards including best director and writer for James Cameron. By being the film so stunning, it became worldwide number 1 top grossing movie making 2.788 billion dollars for box-office. Avatar is still number 1 until now which is 2017 December 10th, and Titanic following as number

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