Avatar Movie Analysis

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Avatar is a blockbuster film from 2009 and one of my most favorite Sci-fi films of all time. The film was directed by James Cameron, who is known for directing films like Titanic (1997), Aliens (1986), and the Terminator (1984), all of which helped shape the film industry into what it is today. Although at the time, there was a recession and people were trying to save money, this movie became the highest grossing film in at the time. The movie provided stunning 3D technology unlike any other movie and this was one of the reasons that made people want to go watch the film. From visual effects to the camera angles, James Cameron directed this movie to make the audience feel like they are in the movie. Although the film looked amazing, there were messages and themes inside the film that made it such a success. The film provoked discussions about various messages and themes embedded inside the film, such as terrorism, Imperialism, religious connections, and connections to current world. Such messages can be clearly seen throughout the plot of the movie.
The plot of the movie is very simple, it takes place the future, where humans are looking to other planets for resources and this is a very likely future of the current human race because Earth is limited on resources and as we run out of resources we will have to look towards other planets for resources. Jake Sully, the main protagonist of the film, is a former U.S. Marine who is paralyzed from waist down and is selected to

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