James Rose Belonging

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James Rose carefully removed his silk blazer and then took the contents of his carefully tailored trousers and laid them on a table in front of the person he was talking to. The first item he laid out was his cell phone and then he proceeded to lay out a brand new pink ball gag, two pairs of handcuffs, and a syringe which was followed by a pair of pliers so razor sharp they could remove a finger at the bone and another pair of needle nose pliers that could remove a fingernail with a quick jerk. Also in the room was a 5 gallon pail of water already full as well as a car battery with two wires emanating from the positive and negative wires. You see James Rose was not a very nice man and the purpose of his being in the room was not pleasant at…show more content…
“Remember, you said you would take me out tonight as you have been gone the last two weeks, I will see you in 45, I have made reservations at the Italian place and I look hot if I do say so myself.” Heart This was his new wife texting. Her name was Nathalie and she was a little younger than he was, but James knew one thing and that he was in love. Nathalie was his Northern Lights, the woman who made him hard and made him romantic and was the sun upon which he orbited. So the man about Dmitri's age sighed and took the syringe and carefully took the stopper off. His dark hair parted to one side and his tailored shirt that couldn’t hide his muscular build, but what fascinated you were his blue eyes. They were a shade of blue never before seen. “We will have to continue this conversation later”, stabbing the needle into Dmitri’s thigh and watching him. Ten seconds later, Dmitri’s head went to one side and a careful examination of his eyelids indicated he was out cold. Pocketing his items, Jim went to the security code and punched in the number and walked outside. He went to his brand new black Tesla and started it up, going home to his new wife. His was a love that the job couldn’t get in the way
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