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TBWA Chiat Day Agency Briefing on Jameson Advertising Campaign

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Overview Jameson is currently the world’s favorite Irish whiskey. It is the world’s most recognizable Irish whiskey and is also the best-selling by a long shot. Over 30 million bottles of Jameson’s whiskey is sold every year. There are seven main whiskies within the Jameson brand (Straightwhisky, 2013).
Marketing Mix
Jameson whiskey is the main whiskey within the Jameson brand. It is a blend that incorporates the whiskey from malted barley and unmalted barley. There is pot still whiskey and grain whiskey in the blend and the aging process uses a combination of sherry casks and bourbon casks. The whiskey is then triple
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The dedication to heavy advertising is targeting Jameson's sales to nearly doubling to 3.5m cases by 2OO9 (, 2006). This is no new concept with the brand: in the mid 199Os the hoary "Spirit of Ireland" campaign helped Jameson become the world's fastest growing international spirit and fastest growing whiskey. Then the "What's The Rush?" campaign stressed the importance of people stretching out to enjoy themselves with friends in the face of increasingly frenetic lifestyles (, 2006). Jameson grew more than 2O% in the US in 2OO5, with sales in travel retail up 16%. South Africa grew by 4O%; Russia's sales doubled, as it did in 2O+ principal markets worldwide (led by Ireland, USA, UK, France, and Spain). Last year, the company put 4O million euro (US $5O.8 million) behind Jameson, launching the ongoing "Beyond the Obvious" campaign (, 2006). The positioning statement I think would be “ For young hard working real men who enjoy a fine whiskey Jameson Irish Whiskey is the beverage of choice.” Advertising objective is to build the brand year around, and not just on St. Patrick’s Day (, 2006.) The three main objectives are to build brand awareness, at 3O% awareness it's still a discovery brand; strengthen brand positioning; and create consumer brand relationship (, 2006).
Agency Compatibility TBWA Chiat Day has two core
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