Jan Van Eyck Madonna in the Church

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Madonna in a Church is a small oil panel on oak by Flemish painter Jan van Eyck. Madonna in a church was made between c. 1438-1440. Van Eyck has been traditionally credited with the invention of painting in oils, and, although this is incorrect, there is no doubt that he was the real master of the technique. The use of oil paints is very significant in this artworkʼs luminescent quality and presentation of space. The artist creates a new relationship between the viewer and the picture. There is an illusion of a modern, threedimensional scene and through this new more naturalistic, lifelike approach, the viewer becomes connected to the painting, not just in physical terms, but socially, spiritually and emotionally as well. " The minute we…show more content…
We see a sculpture of Christ behind her, while the baby Jesus is in her arms. She is presented in the everyday life of those people living in the 15th century and part of their modern culture.


The church is richly decorated, in the Gothic style. Jan Van Eyck pays attention to

detail in his painting of architectural interiors, done with unrelenting accuracy. The church is an important symbol of Maryʼs chastity. Itʼs an Ideal church, Jan Van Eyckʼs fantasy of a perfect interior to enthrone Mary. This is a way to represent the heavenly sphere in an environment that the people of the time period can recognize.


Concluding from the small size of the painting, it was not a painting designed for a

huge Gothic church where most paintings were much bigger in proportion. It was probably made for a wealthy man at the time. In the Renaissance it was common for wealthy people to collect artworks, it had a social significance. Above this, religious paintings and prayer books were manifestations of commitment to prayer. The Flemish didnʼt limit their demonstration of piety to the public realm, the individuals commissioned artworks for private use in their homes as well. " Ideology of the time also influenced the painting. The Madonna is holding the child

that is supposed to be Christ. Her face is turned away from the child,
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