Jane Eyre Summary

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Jane Eyre is an orphaned girl who lives with her aunt and cousins. They are known as the Reeds. Her cousins countinously torment her and many of the servants remind her how poor she is. After being harrassed, she finally tells them off. She is then punished and sent to the “red room”. This is the room that her uncle had died in. She has a panic attack and believes that she has seen a ghost. She awakes to find Mr Lloyd, a doctor looking over her. He suggest that she be to Lowood institute. It’s a school that is fifty miles away from Gateshead. So they send her off. At Lockwood, a man named Mr. Brocklehurst runs the school. Jane can not stand him and finds him hypocritical. The students are often not given enough food or warm clothing. They live in bad conditions. During an inspection, Mr. Brocklehurst embarrasses Jane by forcing her to stand on a chair in the middle of class. She is accused of being a liar in front of everyone. But another teacher known as Miss Temple defends Jane. So Jane befriends her and trust her. Miss Temple encourages her to continue on with study despite what has happened. Jane also befriends another girl named Helen Burns. Jane loves how Helen is able to turn the other way when mistreated by teachers. She tries to be that way herself. But then a Typhus fever breaks in the school. Helen contracts it and ends up dying in Janes arms. Mr Brocklehurst is discovered to have been using school funds for his personal rather than providing things needed to

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